Local Authorities ‘Disempowering’ Older People

Responding to Counsel and Care’s annual survey of local authority care for older people, Elizabeth McLennan, social care policy officer for Help the Aged, said:

‘This troubling report shows how more older people are paying the price of a floundering system, which does more to disempower them than promote independence. Without essential yet basic support to stay independent, many older people are left with no option but to go into care homes.

‘This is a personal tragedy for every individual forced by circumstance to leave their homes and loved ones. Others may have to simply struggle on in their own homes with no support. There is a serious mismatch between the Government’s rhetoric of support for older people in the community, and the actual reality of cut backs in much-needed basic care services. Time and time again we hear fine words that the provision of decent social care will be given greater precedence – but this is evidence to show the contrary.

‘By failing to enable older people to live independently for longer, the Government will be faced with having to find more money to finance increasing dependency in our ageing population.’