Delay Of Annual Leave Entitlement Changes

The English Community Care Association (ECCA), the leading representative body for independent care homes, is pleased that the Government has listened to the sector and delayed its plans to extend the second phase of annual leave entitlement to 2009.

Martin Green, Chief Executive of ECCA, says: “The proposal to extend annual leave entitlement placed significant burdens on the care sector and I welcome the fact that the second stage of this proposal has been delayed until April 2009.  It is important that local authorities understand the cost implications for the care sector of this new entitlement and that there is full cost recovery for this legislation when local authorities are commissioning services”.

Martin Green continues: “In general, the Government should examine the implications and costs of any changes in legislation and should clearly identify how various sectors will be able to afford the consequences of legislative change.  It is all too easy for politicians to heap more burdens onto the sector but they must act responsibly and ensure that these are properly funded.”