Social Worker Admonished Following ‘Physical Restraint’ Hearing

A Conduct Committee of the General Social Care Council (GSCC) has decided the case of a social worker from Gateshead who was alleged to have breached the code of practice for social care workers by physically restraining a child on two occasions.

Misconduct was found against the Registrant, Ms Anna Orlinski.  The Committee viewed the physical restraint of a service user by a social worker with the utmost seriousness.  It took into account the Registrant’s expressed remorse and the positive testimonials about her practice and character.  It decided that her actions, albeit inappropriate, were well-intentioned.

Having taken these matters into account, the registrant was admonished, with a record of the admonishment to be placed on her entry in the Social Care Register for a period of one year. Registrants have a right of appeal to the independent Care Standards Tribunal.

GSCC Chair Rodney Brooke said: “Social workers have a duty to act appropriately at all times, respecting the rights of service users and protecting them from abuse as set out in our Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers and Employers. All Registered Social Workers sign up to the codes of practice when they register with the GSCC.

“Social workers working with vulnerable children essentially should be trustworthy and of good character.  The GSCC exists to promote high standards among social care workers and can take action against those who do not meet the standards laid down in the codes of practice. At the same time, we applaud the many thousands of social care workers who meet those standards and do so much to help vulnerable people.”

Admonishment by the GSCC amounts to a caution and public record. The decision follows a two day Conduct Committee hearing in Newcastle.