Hunt For Care Home Woman’s Attacker

An investigation is continuing into a serious sex attack on an elderly, bed-ridden stroke victim in her care home. A member of staff was carrying out routine checks at around 5.20am yesterday when she found a naked man “apparently raping” the 82-year-old woman, police said.

The intruder ran off while staff at the Nottinghamshire residential home phoned 999. A subsequent search by officers with dogs failed to find him. The attack happened on the ground floor of the private home, which looks after 25 elderly or terminally ill residents.

Detective Inspector Sean Anderson, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “It defies belief that someone can sink so low as to attack and sexually abuse a helpless old lady who has had a stroke and who is incapable of defending herself.”

He added: “This is a very dangerous man and he must be caught as soon as possible. At this stage it’s not yet been established how the offender entered the premises. I urge anyone in this area to be extra vigilant about security, especially managers and staff in similar care homes.”

There were two members of staff on duty at the time of the assault. The care home’s manager declined to comment about the incident yesterday.

The condition of the victim has not been made public.