Police Caution 100 Sex Offenders

West Mercia Police has admitted giving 100 sex offenders cautions in the last five years instead of bringing charges. No charges were brought against 93 sex offenders in Worcestershire, including eight rapists, from April, 2001 to the end of March last year. Instead of going to court, they accepted a caution.

The force released the figures after a Freedom of Information Act request. A spokeswoman said each case must be judged on its merits. The full figures show cautions were given for 41 indecent assaults, eight rapes, 17 sexual assaults, nine sexual activity cases – including with a child , one gross indecency with a child, six unlawful sexual intercourse cases and 11 other sexual offences.
A West Mercia Police spokeswoman said cautions could be given for a number of reasons, including a first offence or the offender does not want to go to court. Adults may be put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for two years, and those aged 17 and under for one year.

“When an individual accepts a caution, it is important to remember that a person must admit wrongdoing in order to receive a caution and it represents an admission of guilt,” she said. “Accepting a caution from police leads to an individual having a criminal record. Clearly this can be taken into account should an individual come to the attention of police on any future occasion.”