Children’s Workforce Development Council Is ‘Championing Children’

The Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) today announced that it has taken on the responsibility of supporting The Championing Children Framework. The organisation is providing support materials for the workforce, and today launched a comprehensive resource book.

CWDC’s resource book ‘Championing Children’ will be officially launched by CWDC Chair Estelle Morris at the ‘People who work with young people’ conference, taking place in Sunderland on Thursday 29 March. CWDC is jointly supporting the event with Sunderland University.  

The Championing Children Framework was commissioned by the DfES, and it is CWDC’s responsibility to embed the framework and develop supporting materials. As the first support tool of the framework, the resource book is designed to help managers and workers in integrated and/or multi-agency settings to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to be able to make a real difference to children, young people and families.  

Jane Haywood, Chief Executive of CWDC comments: “CWDC’s work with our partners has shown the critical importance of leadership in delivering the very best outcomes for children, young people and families, regardless of their current position and the setting in which they work.

“It is therefore extremely important that we place a strong focus on the development and support of leaders across the entire children’s workforce. I sincerely hope that those working with children and young people will find the resource book helpful in delivering their own leadership and I look forward to receiving some feedback.”

Topics covered within the resource include: Getting the best out of Championing Children, Workforce planning and capacity building and Training and development.

CWDC are also launching a report presenting the findings of the field testing and national evaluation of The Championing Children Framework, which set out to test the framework’s usefulness and usability, and to make recommendations about its development and application.