Hospital Admits Mistakes Were Made After Death Of 18-Month Old Boy

A Midland hospital last night admitted “appropriate action was not taken” after an 18-month-old boy died within 48 hours of being admitted.

Kyle Stone was brought to Walsall Manor Hospital in February 2004 suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea, which can cause dehydration.

However his parents Sarah and Martin claim he would have lived if someone had realised he was dehydrated and given him a glass of water. Mrs Martin, aged

26, of Pelsall, Walsall, claimed that after waiting seven hours for treatment, Kyle was hooked up to the wrong type of drip, which made the lack of sodium in his body worse.

She said: “The hospital have apologised and paid us some money but nothing can replace a child.” The couple, who have two other children aged two and 11 months, received £12,500 compensation from the hospital trust.

Lucy Freestone, the family’s solicitor, said an expert paediatrician had confirmed Kyle should have received “intravenous fluid replacement”.

The foreign doctor, who was at the centre of Kyle’s case, no longer works in Britain.

The hospital said mistakes were made but has refused to accept liability for the death.

A hospital spokesman said: “After his admission Kyle showed evidence of seizures but unfortunately these were not responded to and the trust deeply regrets that appropriate action was not taken at that time.

“The trust have investigated the circumstances of Kyle’s admission and the treatment provided and lessons have been learned. Unfortunately it is unclear exactly what caused Kyle’s death.”