Review Of Flawed Recruitment Process Does Not Go Far Enough, Says BMA

The Department of Health has announced a review of the Medical Training Application Service for junior doctors. In response, Dr Jo Hilborne, chairman of the BMA Junior Doctors Committee, says:

“The government has finally been forced to address the appalling problems with this system. We have been warning since last summer that these reforms were being rushed through too quickly. From the point of view of the thousands of doctors who’ve been messed around, given incorrect information, or denied job opportunities that they deserved, it’s a shame the government didn’t listen then.

“Not only is this response, too late, it also does not go far enough. While we welcome a review, the only fair solution now is for the interview process to be suspended until it can be clearly shown that no doctor has been disadvantaged as a result of the government’s mistakes.

“We are disappointed that the government has not invited a BMA representative to sit on the review panel, given that despite all the problems we have always tried to work constructively with them to make this process work.”

Dr Jonathan Fielden, chairman of the BMA Consultants Committee, adds: “We have repeatedly highlighted countless problems with this system. The flawed implementation process has caused the medical profession to lose faith that we are appointing the best doctors to care for patients. Consultants have been placed in an impossible position by having to shortlist forms in too short a time. A review is welcome, but action is necessary and overdue.”