New campaign Highlights The Rewards Of A Career In Social Care

The Department of Health is today launching a campaign to boost the number of people taking up a career in social care. The new campaign aims to attract applicants to the social care sector, which needs to attract thousands of new recruits each year.

The adverts on TV, radio and press break new ground in showing real-life relationships between social carers and the people they are caring for, with a campaign theme of ‘1+1=3’ to highlight how the sum of the carer/client relationship is greater than the individual parts. The various campaign adverts shows different aspects of social care work and show how personally rewarding the work can be.

Real-life carers and people who use social care services have been used to create the scenarios which show a wheelchair user using a skate park, an elderly lady whose care worker is supporting her in her home and a young man with autism whose carer is teaching him the route he will be using when he starts his new job.

Ivan Lewis MP, Care Services Minister, said: “Social workers and social care staff play a critical role in every community – dealing with a wide cross section of people across society. This campaign will focus on how rewarding and valuable a career in social care can be and sets out to challenge perceptions on who works in social care.”

Martin Green, Chief Executive of the English Community Care Association said:  “One of the really positive things about this campaign is that it broadens out the type of people that we would be attracting to the profession. This campaign is going to be really important in that its going to raise the profile of social care and gain better understanding of what social care is about within the general population.”

As well as press, radio and TV advertising the campaign includes media activity, website, phone line, and booklets . To find out more about becoming a social carer can call 0845 604 6404 or visit the website.