Scope Appoints New Chief Executive

National disability charity Scope is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Sparkes as its chief executive. Jon was appointed acting chief executive in June 2006 and will take up the CEO role permanently from the beginning of February. He joined Scope in March 2004 as Executive Director of Human Resources.

Commenting on his appointment, Jon Sparkes, said: “I am extremely pleased to take on this role. Having worked for the organisation now for nearly three years I never cease to be excited and inspired by the work that we are doing.

“Scope has faced considerable challenges in recent months, particularly with regard to its financial situation. There is still some way to go but I am very proud of our achievements to date. We have made good progress on improving our financial sustainability, have vastly improved the quality of our services – recognised in provider scores from the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) – and have launched innovative new services such as the Scope Inclusion Team.

“I am particularly proud of the campaign we launched in response to the recent Ashley X controversy which has re-ignited the public debate about the human rights of disabled children and widened Scope’s influence as a leading commentator on disability issues.

“I am looking forward to developing Scope further – both as a leading service provider and strong campaigning organisation – in its mission to make our society the first where disabled people achieve equality.”

Scope Chair Gerald McCarthy said: “We are delighted that Jon is to become Scope’s permanent chief executive.

“In his capacity as Scope’s acting chief executive, Jon has demonstrated his strong commitment to our mission and his leadership and vision are an inspiration. He has already achieved considerable improvements to both Scope’s financial position and its programme of organisational change and development which is having far-reaching impact across our work.

“Many challenges still lie ahead for Scope. I believe Jon is the best person to help us meet those challenges and increase the sustainability and stability of our organisation.”