ADSS Respond To CSCI Report On Transitions

Directors of children’s and adults’ services stressed today that working towards successful transitions from childhood to adulthood was being given `the utmost priority’ by their departments.

Commenting on a report from the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) published today, and speaking on behalf of all social care directors, ADSS President John Coughlan said: “We acknowledge that where barriers are drawn between age groups, then the closest attention possible has to be focused on ensuring that people supported by social care services and moving from one age range to another are carefully monitored.

“There are bound to be `conflicts of eligibility criteria’ not just for services as between age groups, but between different local authorities geographically. It is vitally important that adults and children’s services persistently keep their eye on the transitions ball, especially now that two, instead of one, local authority department are responsible for commissioning and providing social care.”