Call For National Debate On Funding: SCIE’s Response To The State Of Social Care In England

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has responded to yesterday’s CSCI report – State of Social Care in England 2005/06 – by reiterating the need for local authorities to ensure that all services are based on reliable and relevant good practice evidence.

Speaking about the report, Chief Executive of SCIE, Bill Kilgallon said: “SCIE welcomes the publication of this excellent and vital report. It recognises the difficulties faced by people who need social care services and by the local authorities who are unable to fund services at the level required. We support the call for a national debate on social care funding and the balance of responsibility between the state and the family.

“There has been a steady improvement in social care services as the report illustrates but there is still more to do. The key themes of the report underpin much of SCIE’s work and practice guidance. SCIE has done extensive work on supporting carers and promotes the importance of recognising and implementing the Carers’ Equal Opportunities Act.

“The report also examines the risks and interruptions associated with transfers from children’s to adults’ services. As the organisation that advances good practice in social care services for children, families and adults, SCIE strongly advocates continuity of service to ensure that those in transition are not lost from view.”