CRA To Rejoin SCA

The Care Regulators Association (CRA), the professional membership body for inspection staff working with the Care Commissions in the UK has merged with Social Care Association as from the 1st January 2007.

Formerly, the National Association of Inspection and registration Officers (NAIRO), CRA decided on a vote among members concluded in September 2006 to approve the Executive’s recommendation to support the merge.

Nick Johnson, Chief Executive of Social Care Association said: “We have had a long and constructive relationship with regulatory staff over many years and look forward to a renewed close working relationship. The Association’s primary purpose is to promote good practice in care and I cannot think of a better group of professionals to contribute to the furthering of this aim.

Diana Gordon, Chief Executive of CRA said: “Since the Regulatory Commissions came into being the role of CRA has needed to change. It has been a natural progression to join forces with the Social Care Association and together we will continue to champion good practice in social care settings.

“I am looking forward to working with Nick Johnson and the Executive board to ensure that those members working in care regulation are given opportunity to develop professionally and have the support of an association able to give prominence to the importance of regulation in securing quality provision in social care”