Mental Health Patients Had Sex

A psychopathic teenager who engaged in sexual activity with a fellow mental patient at a Bexhill clinic has been made the subject of an indefinite hospital order. Martin Curtis, 18, was under intensive care as an in-patient when he and the older female victim were found naked from the waist down in her bathroom by staff at the unit.

Hove Crown Court heard how patients are banned from entering each other’s rooms and that Curtis was aware of the rule. The court also heard the victim suffered mental illness and was incapable of giving consent to sexual activity despite Curtis saying she made advances towards him. Curtis of Post Mill Drive, in Maidstone, was arrested and pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder.

Prosecutor Irena Ray-Crosbie told the court Curtis committed the offence on April 8 this year. She said: “Martin Curtis was an in-patient in the intensive care unit at the clinic in Bexhill. The victim was also a compulsory patient underthe Mental Health Act. “One of the rules of the hospital is that patients should not enter each other’s rooms. Curtis was aware of that.

“On the day in question a member of staff found him in the bathroom of the victim’s room. They were both naked from the waist down and there had been a sexual encounter. The medical opinion was that because of her illness the victim was not capable of giving informed consent to sexual activity. Curtis was asked what had happened but said nothing.”

Psychiatrist Dr Khaled Sultan told the court Curtis has a “persistent disability of mind” which resulted in irresponsible conduct and dangerous behaviour. The court also heard that Curtis has previous convictions for burglary,arson and criminal damage. Sentencing Curtis, Judge Anthony Niblett, said: “I am satisfied that he is a very troubled and disturbed young man who is in desperate need of psychiatric care.