Mother’s Call For Tolerance Zones

The mother of a sex worker killed in Liverpool is renewing calls for the government to create tolerance zones for prostitution. Diane Parry’s daughter, Hanane, was killed together with Pauline Stephen by schizophrenic Mark Corner in 2003. Their bodies were dismembered and dumped in bin bags in St Domingo Vale in the Everton area of the city.

Mrs Parry’s call comes as police continue to investigate the murders of five prostitutes in Suffolk. She said: “You’re not going to put a surgeon on the street to do an operation are you? You’re going to give them somewhere to work. This is all they’re asking for – somewhere safe.”

Tania Nicol, Anneli Alderton, Paula Clennell, Annette Nicholls and Gemma Adams were killed and their bodies were found naked and dumped in and around Ipswich, sparking a major manhunt.

Liverpool City Council is keen to introduce the tolerance zones on an industrial estate taking in Kempston Street, Craven Street and Devon Street in Islington, which borders Everton.

Home Office approval would be needed for the scheme to go ahead.

Mark Corner was detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act for the manslaughter of Miss Parry, 19, from Chester, and Miss Stephen, 25, of Skelmersdale, Lancashire.