Worldwide One Person Commits Suicide Every 40 Seconds

Traumatic incidents in the workplace, particularly suicide or sudden death of work colleagues, can have a dramatic effect on the work group, its morale, productivity and overall well-being.  This conference highlights what has been an untouchable yet devastating issue in the workplace.  – Professor Cary L Cooper, Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health and President of the BACP.

Suicide raises many complex ethical dilemmas for practitioners, yet is still a taboo subject for many people. This event opens up some of the controversial issues that practitioners face when dealing with suicidal clients, issues such as ‘is it the responsibility of the counsellor to preserve life at all costs?’

This aims is to equip professional therapists with the skills to deal professionally with those affected by suicide and sudden death in the workplace.

The day will feature detailed and practical workshop sessions.

·    Suicide and sudden death – whose responsibility is it?
·    Continuity Management – balancing the needs of the business and the employees
·     How to work effectively as an EAP Counsellor in the aftermath of death
·    Death in the workplace – policies that take care of the organisation and staff
·    Understanding and working with suicidal clients
·    The power of peer support – mobilising supportive resources within workplace teams
·    Suicide – the counsellor’s greatest fear? Managing and assessing suicidal thoughts  in clients.

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