Plans To Shake Up Borough Care System

Care for older people is ready for radical changes in Waltham Forest. As elderly residents are living longer, and are more healthy than ever before, the number of people wanting to move into residential care homes is dropping. Waltham Forest Council maintains the majority of elderly residents want to remain in their homes, with access to care from social services and the health service.

The cabinet have therefore decided to modernise care homes across the borough by replacing older homes with two large 90-bed residential units. They will offer 24-hour care for the most vulnerable older people who may require nursing, respite or rehabilitation.

The centres will also offer a 24-hour advice and emergency support service and create up to 250 extra sheltered housing places for less vulnerable older people across Waltham Forest. The proposals are all part of a strategy to support elderly people in their homes.

Cllr Liz Phillips, cabinet member for health, adult and older people, said: “These proposals aim to meet the diverse needs of all our older people. Those in most need of specialist care will receive it at our new centres of excellence while the vast majority of older people who want to stay in their own homes will be supported to do this.

“The needs of our older people are changing. they are living longer and are fitter than ever before and we need to ensure we continue to meet their needs. Our existing provision of residential care homes does not meet the needs of our older people and we need to address that issue.

“We will do this by consulting with everyone involved in the changes that are due to take place to minimise disruption and to ensure everyone benefits.”

The proposals, including the types of services offered by these homes, their design and the associated programme of closures, will be subject to extensive consultation with current homes residents and staff, relatives, carers, unions and the wider community.