Therapist: “I’m No Conman”

A stourbridge therapist has hit back at BBC claims he cons patients and leaves them in greater pain. Peter Proud, from the Living Health Family Spine Centre, Norton, says the report, broadcast by the Watchdog programme on Tuesday, was biased against him.

The self-styled specialist says his methods are based on sound research which the establishment does not want to accept.

Proud, aged 34, says he sees hundreds of patients at his Norton Road premises and many have seen huge improvements in painful illness after his treatment.

He said: “I feel it was a very biased programme and only showed one side of the story.”

Proud gathered his faithful followers together on Wednesday to rubbish claims he leaves people out of pocket and in pain.

Proud and his patients claim his treatments for spinal problems can be life-changing.

Speaking at a press conference, attended by over 20 supporters, the Australian therapist hit out at people making claims against him.

Proud said: “I question whether they were coming out of a place of integrity and happiness or coming from somewhere else.

“They were very happy in our practice until they went somewhere else.”

The storm broke after an investigation in which an undercover researcher visited Proud’s clinic and was told she had serious spinal problems.

A specialist had previously examined the BBC stooge and the programme claimed he found no major defects, casting doubt on Proud’s methods.

The broadcast also highlighted Proud’s 18-month suspension from the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) in February, after they found he offered a patient a course of treatment which was inappropriate, excessive and not in her best interests’.

Proud, who does not now claim to be either a chiropractor, osteopath or medical doctor, says his methods offer a different approach.

Proud said: “What we do here is not a treatment for conditions and symptoms at all, it’s about healing and prevention.”