New Centre Will Help The Learning Disabled

Plans are being unveiled this week for a new £1.8 million centre in Devon to provide new opportunities for adults with learning and other disabilities. The Bubbly Project stems from the belief that services, facilities and support for these people are diminishing and that improvements are badly needed. A five-acre greenfield site has been earmarked for a centre that would provide services for some 450 North Devon families.

The project would provide seven-days-a-week services, including rural skills, active activities, horticulture, allotments, healthy living, social and fun activities. It would also provide independent information and advice on topics relating to disability and carer issues, plus general outreach support.

It is planned that the facilities could also be made available to other community groups. Development of the project would also create jobs and volunteering opportunities.

“Bubbly is likely to become a major provider in North Devon for our clientele – people with severe to moderate learning disabilities and allied needs, their family carers and siblings, their professionals and the wider community,” said spokespersons Richard and Dinny Cope.

The couple are two of five directors of the Bubbly Community Interest Company, who all have family members or friends with disabilities.

Mr and Mrs Cope were previously involved with the development of the nearby Northam Lodge residential home for people with learning disabilities.

The Bubbly Project will be introduced at a presentation at the Caddsdown Business Centre on Friday to which nearly 200 people have been invited, including family carers, professionals, neighbours and other interested local groups.