London Assembly Investigate Cities Mental Health Services

The London Assembly has announced an investigation into community-based mental health services provided by the NHS in the capital and is asking Londoners to come forward with their views.

Led by Joanne McCartney AM, Chair of the Assembly’s Health and Public Services Committee, the investigation will focus on access to suitable services for different groups and the commissioning, management and funding of services, particularly in light of the move to a single London Strategic Health Authority.

Questions the Committee hopes to answer include:

    * What barriers prevent people accessing appropriate mental health services?
    * How well do NHS mental health services meet the needs of London’s diverse communities?
    * Do mental health services in the capital have enough resources?
    * How effective is the current commissioning system?

Joanne McCartney said: ‘Mental health problems affect one in four people, yet the ignorance, prejudice and fear surrounding mental illness means this is still a tricky issue to bring into public focus.

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day and the Assembly wants to investigate how services can be made more accessible and effective.”

The Committee will take evidence at a public meeting on 12 December 2006 and the report will be published in March next year.

Londoners are asked to write in with their views on these issues. Please say if you are responding in a personal or professional capacity.

Send your response to Sarah Hurcombe, Secretariat Directorate, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA, or by email to [email protected]