Information Is The Key To Improving Social Care

The Information Centre for health and social care’s (The IC) new survey is set to make a huge difference in helping people with social care needs live independent lives, by collating social care information about the equipment they use. Community equipment provided by social services and the NHS can range from bedpans to specialist items and soon this diverse range will be documented as part of the nationwide survey to account for its local provision.

Social care equipment can make a massive difference in helping vulnerable people, often the elderly, live independent lives at home. This helps to keep people out of hospital and care homes – improving quality of life, and saving taxpayer’s money.

While this is seen as a vital part of the prevention agenda, up to now there has been no national picture of how equipment is provided locally. Putting information at the heart of decision making, this data could enable policymakers to analyse the most useful ways that devices can be provided to help both home nursing and daily living.

The Adult Social Care Development (ASCID) team have sent a survey to local authorities to piece together the jigsaw.

The survey is also asking how many people are receiving social care at the first point of contact. For the first time The IC is gathering information on clients who are receiving services without going through a formal assessment process.

Developed in partnership with our social care statistics team, the survey is voluntary, but will help decide whether a national community equipment data collection is needed.