Rescue Plan To Cut Health and Social Care Trust’s Deficit

A rescue plan has been drawn up to help Bradford District Care Trust cut its budget deficit. The trust, which provides health and social care service to adults with mental health and learning disabilities, is funded by Bradford Council, primary care trust and a grant from the Government. But increased demand for its services, a £750,000 reduction in its Government grant and an increase in specialist residential placements among other problems have led to a £5m shortfall.

Suggested areas where savings could be made include efficiencies in areas including superannuation costs and repairs and maintenance and a review of the council’s charging and policies for care services.

Also on the agenda for the trust executive is a commitment for continued council funding of the care trust at £188,000 per month as agreed in June 2006, which would offset £2.25m against the shortfall. The review and savings plan could reduce the trust’s deficit but there are still outstanding issues.

Bradford Council’s executive member for social care, Martin Smith, said: “A lot of work needs to be done to ensure the future financial stability of the care trust and a successful partnership with the council.

“But we are confident that we can work together with the primary care trust and trust itself to resolve this in a way which is beneficial to all.”