Putting People With Arthritis First

Nine million people in the UK have arthritis and a national charity in the forefront of health and social care campaigning is now offering them a say in planning its priorities for the future. Arthritis Care is the UK’s largest organisation  representing the interests of those with arthritis at  local, national and international level. It raises awareness of their needs, and works to persuade decision-makers to provide better services to help them manage a condition which is the country’s biggest single cause of physical disability.

“We need to keep up with people’s changing needs. We want to find the best way to provide support, and make the real differences that people with arthritis seek”, said Neil Betteridge,  Arthritis Care’s chief executive.

“We’ve launched a general consultation to reach people and gather information.  It’s an open invitation to anyone with arthritis, or a connection with someone who has arthritis, to participate in shaping our future plans.”

To have a say on the kind of support they require in areas like health and social care, symptom management, healthy living and information provision, people with an interest in arthritis, or affected by one of its 200 forms, should complete the online questionnaire on the Arthritis Care website by September 30th.