New Centre ‘Cures’ 91% of Injured Firefighters Through Its Doors

The FSNBF – the UK fire charity – has seen its new Devon Therapy Centre open for some six months and this week revealed that it has enabled an incredible 91% of injured firefighters who have used the centre to get back to saving lives! Harcombe House Therapy Centre offers physical and emotional therapy, and is the most unique of its kind in the world. Since February 2006 the centre has delivered its pioneering therapy treatment to over 500 injured fire service beneficiaries, with a staggering 9 out of 10 surveyed treated so effectively that they were back to full operational duty up to a year less than if not attending the centre.

The FSNBF is the comprehensive UK Fire Services charity and serves the entire fire community through physical and emotional therapy. Harcombe House Therapy Centre is one of three state of the art centres in the UK which rehabilitate the injured bodies and minds of this community.

FSNBF Chief Executive, Roy Lawrenson expressed his satisfaction at the latest statistics which show the therapy services working so successfully. Roy said, “We support the entire Fire Services community and we are committed to providing these brave beneficiaries with the highest quality of service. We are delighted that Harcombe House is joining our Cumbrian facility, Jubilee Therapy Centre, and is providing a quality of service in line with the perfect standards we set.”

Roy continued, “However, we will not rest on our laurels and will continue to improve and refine our services, whilst constantly striving to become the charity that our beneficiaries wish us to be.”