PM’s Wife Fights To Keep MS Couple Together

Cherie Blair is vowing to fight a council threatening to take a multiple sclerosis sufferer away from her husband and put her in a home. The council, cutting dozens of services after a £10.8million overspend, told Mary McGee, 61, it was slashing her care to save cash and warned she could be put in residential care. Husband and carer James, 62, wrote to barrister Mrs Blair pleading for help.

She replied under her working name Cherie Booth QC saying: “I have taken the liberty of forwarding your papers to the Disability Rights Commission who I know are interested in these types of cases and I will ask them if they could take this matter up. If they do, I will do the case for you.”

James, married to Mary for 41 years, said: “She just keeps giggling with delight at the news. We feel we have a big person supporting us and it’s great”.

Wheelchair user Mary, of Melksham, Wilts, has little movement, has to be constantly observed and fed every meal by a carer. But Wiltshire county council department of adult and community services wrote warning that cuts to her care were required and warned she might need to go into a nursing home.