Many Jail Staff Corrupt – Report

At least 1,000 prison staff are corrupt, according to a report. The study, by the Prison Service’s anti-corruption unit and the Met police, says many workers are thought to be bringing drugs into jails. The document, which said another 500 staff have inappropriate relationships with inmates, suggests corrupt staff commit illegal acts for personal gain. The Prison Service said the report relies on anecdotal evidence and overstates the corruption issue.

However, senior figures within its own anti-corruption unit are quoted as saying the problem is growing and is not being tackled effectively. The report, which was begun last autumn and completed in spring this year, quotes a series of unnamed prison governors.

It is the most detailed report to emerge on corruption in prisons.

One prison governor said there are far too many mobile phones in jail for them all to have “come over the wall”. Corruption is thought to be particularly concentrated in local prisons.

More than 45,000 people work in prisons in England and Wales.