East Midlands’ Mental Health Problems Revealed

Poor mental health, including stress, depression and anxiety, is having a profound impact on the health of people living in the east Midlands, a report has claimed. People with mental health problems in areas including Bassetlaw, Chesterfield and Bolsover are more at risk of developing physical problems as well, says the report. And unless mental health is improved it could have a knock-on effect on the health service, it is feared.

Improving mental health is one of the secrets to a healthier East Midlands, according to the report published by the regional director of public health.

It costs the region’s economy approximately £260m each year in lost working days and is also the biggest cause of sickness absence from work.

More people than ever before are claiming benefits as a result of mental ill-health – more than 61,500 in the region. People with mental health problems are also more likely to smoke, have heart disease and diabetes and be obese.

Judy Jones, acting regional director of public health, said: “There are still significant improvements to be made to improve the region’s health, especially around mental health and well-being, as this issue has remained in the background for far too long. Good mental health is the cornerstone of a healthy society.”