Boys, 6, Abuse 5-year-old Girls

Police are investigating allegations that two six-year-old boys sexually assaulted two five-year-old girls at a primary school. Officers were called to the school in Suffolk, which cannot be named for legal reasons, but because the boys are below the age of criminal responsibility social services are now dealing with the matter. In a statement, Suffolk County Council described what happened as “deeply disturbing”. The alleged assaults took place on June 22, a police spokeswoman said.

One of the girl’s parents contacted the police the next day. They told officers that their child had been sexually assaulted at school.

A second girl then came forward making similar claims, while a third girl said she saw what happened.

In a statement released by the council, John Gregg, service director for vulnerable children, said: “Following an allegation of an incident at a primary school in Suffolk, the head teacher took immediate steps to deal with the situation and involved all the appropriate agencies.

“Some of these allegations are deeply disturbing. Our prime concern is for the children involved.

“The incident is being dealt with in an appropriate manner, bearing in mind the nature of the allegations, and the age of the children involved.

“The county council is giving support to the school and pupils and will be providing advice and guidance to the families involved about how they can help their child deal with this.”