Judge bars woman from going online after social services raised safety concerns

A woman with mental health difficulties has been barred from going online by a judge in a specialist court after council social services staff raised safety concerns.

Mr Justice Arbuthnot ruled the woman, in her 20s and looked after by carers, should not be allowed to use a mobile or social media.

She also said the woman was “not able to access” the internet.

Lawyers representing council bosses responsible for the woman’s care told Mrs Justice Arbuthnot she contacted a man online who could have harmed her.

The judge made orders at a hearing in the Court of Protection, where judges consider issues relating to people who lack the mental capacity to take decisions for themselves, in London.

She said the orders are in the woman’s best interests.

Mrs Justice Arbuthnot ruled the woman cannot be identified in media reports of the case but said Kent County Council had responsibility for her care.

A lawyer representing the woman did not oppose the orders.

Lawyers indicated that further hearings are planned and a judge would be asked to make further decisions relating to the woman’s care.

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