Judge ‘extremely concerned’ about risks father poses to two-year-old daughter

A High Court judge has said she is “extremely concerned” about the “physical safety” of a two-year-old girl whose father has a history of violence towards “people and animals”.

Mrs Justice Roberts has ruled that the little girl cannot be brought up by her parents, because of the risks her father poses, and must live with foster carers.

But she says the girl’s father had suggested that no else would care for her if he could not and the risks he posed, to the girl and carers, remained.

Evidence showed that the man had a “significant history” of criminal offending, she said, and reports referred to him having “graphic fantasies” involving “stalking and killing” paedophiles and harming animals.

The judge, who is based in London, has outlined her concerns in a ruling published online after considering the girl’s case at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court.

She has not named anyone involved and has not identified the council with responsibility for the girl’s welfare.

The judge heard that the man had left prison five years ago and might now be in Europe with the girl’s mother.

She said the little girl had been placed into temporary council care shortly after birth.

Social services bosses had asked the judge to make decisions about the girl’s long-term care.

A consultant psychologist had told the judge that the risks the girl’s father posed were “unmanageable”

“He has a significant history of criminal offending which includes acts of violence towards both people and animals,” said Mrs Justice Roberts, when describing the girl’s father.

“Previous reports contain references to ‘graphic fantasies’ which involve stalking and killing paedophiles and harming animals.”

She said of “particular concern” was his “reported view” that if he could not care for his child, “no one else will”.

“I am extremely concerned in this case about (the girl’s) physical safety and the risks posed by (her father),” said Mrs Justice Roberts.

“I view these risks as material, substantial and solid.

“They are likely to continue for years to come…”

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