Child abuse inquiry adapted to encourage survivors with neurodiverse conditions to come forward

People who have neurodiverse conditions such as autism and were victims of child sexual abuse have been encouraged to share their experiences.

The Truth Project, which is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and strives to listen to survivors’ experiences, has sought to make it easier for those with neurodiverse conditions to open up about what happened to them.

Elements of the Truth Project process have been reviewed and adapted.

Participants can choose to share their experience in writing, over the phone, by video call or by attending an in-person session.

Additional support options and considerations have been developed to ensure that those who identify as neurodiverse feel comfortable to access support from the organisation.

This includes the additional option of video support calls.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was set up in 2015 and has investigated the actions of celebrities, politicians, police, religious groups and schools, among others.

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