Charity calls for help to tackle ‘glaring’ employment gap for people with epilepsy

Employers are being urged to do more to help with people with epilepsy find work after a study suggested there was a “glaring” employment gap for those with the condition.

Two-thirds of people with epilepsy are not in a job and their employment rate is far lower than for those with most other disabilities, said a report.

Epilepsy Action said about 220,000 people of working age identify epilepsy as their main health condition, adding they were more likely to be economically inactive than people with any other disability.

Philip Lee, chief executive at Epilepsy Action (pictured), said: “Despite its prevalence, epilepsy is still a stigmatised condition in the workplace.

“From the initial application and job interview process to the day-to-day experience of working, many people with epilepsy encounter clear barriers and discrimination. This treatment can lead to fear of dismissal and even cause some people to hide their condition.

“We are calling on employers to take simple steps to help support people with epilepsy. They should encourage transparency from the outset and make it their business to learn more about epilepsy.

“It’s only then that they can improve workplace culture and create a level, more inclusive, playing field to help people with epilepsy pursue the career they want.”

The charity said people with epilepsy faced a glaring employment gap.

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