New BBC documentary to explore everyday life for people living with dementia

Cameras will follow people living with dementia for two years in a new BBC documentary.

Described as “unique for television”, Living With Dementia will feature up to six people at different stages of the condition.

The BBC Two documentary comes as dementia has been in the headlines, with Dame Barbara Windsor revealing she is suffering from the condition and Line Of Duty actress Vicky McClure (pictured) hosting TV series Our Dementia Choir.

“The length of filming will allow for the exploration of everyday life with dementia in all its complexities,” the BBC said.

It will “capture a powerfully candid insight into what it is like for them and the people around them.

“Contributors will be opening up their lives, allowing the series to follow the major events, but also the small, everyday moments that show how each person makes sense of their condition.

“What does it mean to deal with the shifting sands of a changing brain? How do identities and relationships change as dementia progresses?”

Other new science programmes on BBC Two include Last Chance Clinic (a working title), in which patients who have been unable to get a successful diagnosis for their conditions seek the knowledge of a team of experts.

The programme will be presented by Michael Mosley.

“The patients entering the clinic have exhausted every other avenue,” the BBC said.

“Their conditions are having a major impact on their day-to-day lives, with cases ranging from unknown seizures to mystery skin conditions, and unexplained paralysis to sudden loss of vision.”

Horizon programme Childhood will see those who featured in BBC series Child Of Our Time tell their own stories from the perspective of early adulthood.

“Their lives have been documented from the moment they were born, up until they turned 18. Now this film… will be narrated by the children themselves, telling their own stories from the perspective of early adulthood,” the BBC said.

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