DWP’s ‘culture of disbelief’ led to terminally ill man on dialysis losing benefits

A terminally ill man lost his benefits and was declared fit for work due to his “adequate rapport” and ability to keep eye contact, MPs have heard.

Labour’s Ellie Reeves raised concerns about the case before warning that the Department for Work and Pension’s “culture of disbelief” is “plunging” people into poverty.

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom (pictured) offered to raise the “very serious” constituency issue with the department.

Speaking in the Commons, Ms Reeves (Lewisham West and Penge) said: “A recent DWP assessment found my constituent fit for work.

“He is terminally ill and reliant on regular dialysis, however, the assessor stopped his benefits based on his adequate rapport and the fact he was able to keep eye contact.

“The DWP’s culture of disbelief is plunging many vulnerable constituents into poverty.

“So can we please have a debate on the impact that these assessments are having on disabled people and vulnerable constituents?”

Mrs Leadsom, in her reply, said of the case: “That does sound very concerning, potentially that the assessment has been wrong.

“At the same time she will appreciate the Government spends £55 billion on benefits to support disabled people and people with health conditions, that’s up more than £10 billion since 2010 and a record high.”

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