Judge approves council action to remove child from woman who was herself adopted

A woman who was adopted as a child must have her son taken from her care because she cannot meet his needs, a family court judge has ruled.

Judge David Willans said the woman’s adoption continued to be a “source of emotional disturbance” to her.

Evidence showed how she had found it hard to build relationships and was socially isolated.

She had a history of alcohol problems and at times was unable to contain her anger.

Council social services bosses began family court litigation after concerns were raised about the way the woman was looking after her son, who is now four.

The boy’s father had left three years ago and she was living alone with the boy.

Judge Willans has concluded that the little boy should move to live with relatives and made a special guardianship order.

The judge said the woman could not meet her son’s needs.

He had analysed the case at a private hearing in the West London family court, in Feltham, and has outlined his decision in a written ruling published online.

The judge has not identified the woman or child but said Barnet Council (pictured) had responsibility for the youngster’s welfare and had asked for a ruling about his future care.

Social workers had said the woman was shouting at her son and “throwing things” around her home.

“It was noted that (she) is not easily tolerant if she feels misunderstood or unfairly treated,” said Judge Willans in his ruling.

“She reported she was not coping, she was shouting at (her son) and needed a break.”

He added: “She felt she was in a situation like that where a parent is not listened to and kills the child.

“The (council) acted on this concern.”

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