Social worker who died in fiance’s arms was ‘the most caring human being’

The fiance of Canadian Christine Archibald who held her as she died during the London Bridge attack has said he loves her “more than life itself”.

Tyler Ferguson, who wears the 30-year-old’s engagement ring on a chain around his neck, described her as “my everything” and said she was “the most caring human being that I have ever met”.

The social worker (pictured) was visiting London for a short trip while Mr Tyler was in the capital for work.

On the night of the attack in June 2017, the couple had been out for a “celebratory” dinner after he had a successful day.

She gave him a passionate kiss and told him that she loved him moments before she was killed.

Mr Ferguson said: “We decided to walk over London Bridge. At one point Chrissy stopped me out of nowhere, gave me a passionate kiss and told me she loved me.

“Then the attack happened and Chrissy was killed.”

Mr Ferguson told the Old Bailey: “I love and still love Chrissy more than life itself. She was my angel. I can still feel her presence in the moon and know that she is always watching over me.”

Ms Archibald’s engagement ring was lost in the aftermath of the atrocity, but later recovered from the bridge.

The couple, who were living together in The Hague, Netherlands, had been organising their wedding and were planning to get married in autumn 2018 in their native Canada.

Mr Ferguson said they were “very much looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together and starting a family”.

Ms Archibald’s father Greg told the inquest that social work was his daughter’s “calling”.

She studied for a degree in social work before taking a job at a centre for drug addicts in Vancouver for three years, and then moved to the Netherlands.

He told the Old Bailey: “Chrissy believed from the bottom of her soul that each and every person is worthy of respect.

“The world has many sunshine people in it. Their smiles warm us.

“Chrissy was not the sunshine, Chrissy was the moon. You might not notice the moon on a sunny day but you need the moon when it is dark to find your way.”

The keen runner, who was a twin, was also an animal lover and was close to her family.

Her father said: “She was shy and polite, gentle but determined, tall and beautiful.”

Ms Archibald was killed by multiple, severe blunt crush injuries.

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