Boy moves home due to mother passing on ‘hateful feelings’ about father

An eight-year-old boy has moved home after a family court judge was told he was picking up his mother’s “hateful feelings” about his father.

Judge Lloyd North decided the youngster should leave his mother and live with his father.

The judge concluded that the boy would be exposed to “significant emotional harm” if left with his mother.

A psychologist said the boy’s mother “persistently portrayed” his father negatively and said he identified with the “hateful feelings” she expressed.

The judge decided the boy would enjoy a “positive relationship” with both parents if he lived with his father but continued to see his mother.

Judge North analysed the case at a private family court hearing in Norwich.

Detail emerged after the boy’s mother challenged Judge North’s findings at a public appeal hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

A High Court judge dismissed the appeal and published a ruling.

Mr Justice Williams said the family involved could not be identified, but he added that social services staff at Essex County Council had responsibility for the boy’s welfare.

The parents separated some years ago, judges heard, and had been fighting over their son’s care for much of his life.

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