Woman lied about husband’s abuse and tried to exclude him from child’s life

A woman told a series of lies about her estranged husband’s behaviour and maliciously tried to exclude him from their five-year-old son’s life, a High Court judge has decided.

Mr Justice Keehan concluded that the woman had lied about being “treated like a prisoner”, lied about being prevented from seeing her family and lied about her husband threatening to kill her.

He said her actions had led to father and son not having any contact for more than three years.

The judge said they should be given a chance to re-establish their relationship.

Detail of the case has been outlined in a ruling by the judge following a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

The judge made findings about the woman’s allegations after the man asked to be allowed to spend time with his son.

He said the child could not be identified and has not given any indication where the family lives.

“I regret to conclude that the mother was a most unsatisfactory witness,” said Mr Justice Keehan in his ruling.

“I find that she lied serially.”

The judge added: “She had made the most serious allegations against the father.”

He said he had dismissed every allegation.

“None of them are true,” he said.

“This mother has wrongly and maliciously sought to exclude the father from (their son’s) life.”

He added: “It is to be regretted deeply that the mother’s actions have resulted in (the boy) and the father not having any contact whatsoever for three-and-a-half years.”

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