People with schizophrenia continue to be failed by care system, charity claims

People with schizophrenia are being let down by health services, a charity has claimed.

There is a lack of focus on the severe mental health condition and “little has changed” in the last three decades, according to a report by Sane.

The UK mental health charity has called for adequate funding for services, better information about where people can get help after they are diagnosed and more effort to involve patients in their care plan.

Marjorie Wallace (pictured), chief executive of Sane, said: “People with schizophrenia continue to be failed by a system that has never prioritised their care.

“Despite it being the single most challenging illness which, when untreated, can lead to fatal consequences such as suicide, homicide and neglect, schizophrenia does not receive the funds or resources needed to help those affected.

“We are disappointed by the NHS long-term plan which does not look like it will tackle severe and relapsing psychotic illness, instead focusing on the ‘softer’ end of the healthcare spectrum, such as prevention and lifestyle management.

“This does nothing to help people with a severe illness suffering an acute episode today.”

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder, with symptoms including hallucinations, delusions and feeling controlled.

Around half (54%) of people with schizophrenia or experience of psychosis said they did not know enough about what services are available locally, according to a survey of 231 people by Sane.

Meanwhile, 47% said they did not understand what options they have for treatment and more than two-thirds (73%) said they want more involvement in their care plan.

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