Childminder shook two-year-old and caused head injuries, judges conclude

A childminder shook a two-year-girl and caused severe head injuries, judges have concluded.

The youngster, who suffered a skull fracture, had been in the woman’s sole care for 28 hours prior to being taken to hospital, courts heard.

Judges concluded that the childminder was also responsible for a number of “marks and bruises” on the girl.

They heard that the woman had an interest in “hardcore internet pornography with a sexual sadism tendency” and had “accessed it” while the girl was in her care.

Detail of the case emerged on Thursday following a hearing in the Court of Appeal in London.

The woman had challenged a ruling made by a family court judge following a private hearing in Middlesbrough in August.

She had denied wrongdoing and suggested that the girl’s parents were responsible.

Judge Louise Hallam had concluded that the girl’s head injuries were the “result of an impact and a shaking mechanism beyond reasonable handling”.

She pointed the finger of blame at the childminder and three Court of Appeal judges have upheld those findings.

Lord Justice Peter Jackson, Lord Justice Leggatt and Mr Justice Moor dismissed the childminder’s appeal in a written ruling.

They have not named the little girl.

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