Children harmed by parental conflict not separation, says family court judge

Children from broken homes are harmed by conflict between their parents not by divorce, a leading family court judge has said.

Mr Justice Hayden, who is based in the Family Division of the High Court in London, said it was possible for parents to have a “happy divorce”.

He suggested that other senior family court judges would give parents the same message.

The judge was speaking while analysing a case involving a teenager whose parents have split at a hearing on Tuesday.

“It is possible to have a relationship that becomes sad and unhappy but to have a happy divorce,” the judge told the child’s mother.

“It is not divorce that harms children, or separation, it is conflict.”

He added: “Ask any judge in this building, we see it all the time.”

The judge was considering a number of issues relating to the care of the teenager.

He said the youngster could not be identified.

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