Boy to live with relatives after mother ‘exaggerated and fabricated’ child’s illness

A woman has lost a family court fight over the care of her son after a judge said she had repeatedly claimed he was sick when he was “perfectly normal and healthy”.

Mr Justice Keehan has concluded that the woman “exaggerated and fabricated” symptoms in the little boy, who is now three, and exposed him to unnecessary medical treatment and procedures.

He said she had “asserted repeatedly” that the little boy suffered seizures, despite unanimous medical opinion to the contrary.

The judge has ruled that the youngster should move to live with relatives.

He said the woman would be able to stay in touch.

Mr Justice Keehan said he was satisfied that the woman would continue to fabricate and exaggerate symptoms if she continued to care for her son.

He said there was also a danger that she might start to “induce” symptoms in the youngster.

The judge outlined detail of the case in a written ruling published on Monday following a private family court hearing in Nottingham last year.

He has not identified any of the people involved.

Mr Justice Keehan said social services bosses at Northamptonshire County Council had responsibility for the little boy’s welfare and had asked for a ruling about his future care.

He said the woman, who is in her 20s, had undergone cognitive behaviour therapy when in her teens.

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