Judge rules baby whose father lives with two women should be placed for adoption

A baby whose father lives in a “complicated” relationship with two women should be placed for adoption, a family court judge has decided.

The man was living with the little boy’s mother and “another woman”, Judge Sarah Lynch was told.

A psychologist who assessed the family said the relationship was “not good” for a child.

The relationship was one of a number of concerns raised by council social workers with welfare responsibility for the youngster.

They also said the baby, who is a few months old, was living in a flat which was “unhygienic and inappropriate”.

The baby’s parents had agreed that they could not bring up their son.

Judge Lynch concluded that the baby should be placed for adoption.

She said his parents could not meet his needs.

“The psychologist felt there were a lot of complicated things in the relationship between the three grown-ups which would not be good for a child,” said the judge.

“Overall, she said she would have a lot of worries about the parents’ ability to meet (the baby’s) needs either together or separately.”

She added: “Father… says he knows he cannot give (his son) what he would need from a parent. Mother too says that she thinks it would be best for (the baby) if he was adopted.”

The judge, who is based in Leeds, has outlined her decision in a written ruling following a private family court hearing.

She said the little boy could not be identified.

Judge Lynch said the man had an older child born following a relationship with a third woman.

That child had also been taken from his care following an earlier ruling by a different family court judge.

In that case social workers had also raised a number of concerns, said Judge Lynch.

One concern was that the child had been fed ice cream when “only” 15 weeks old.

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