Judge raises concern for woman with low IQ whose baby was placed for adoption

A family court judge has raised concern about the welfare of a woman with a low IQ who has had a baby taken from her care and placed for adoption.

Stephen Wildblood said the woman had suffered a “devastating” blow and urged social services staff to provide her with as much help as possible.

The judge said attempts to see whether the woman, who had an IQ below 55, could care for her son had failed.

He said it had also proved impossible to find a relative who could bring up the youngster.

Judge Wildblood said the case was “heart-breaking”.

The judge has revealed detail in a written ruling after analysing issues at a private family court hearing in Bristol earlier this year.

He said the woman could not be identified.

“This mother deserves every sympathy,” Judge Wildblood.

“She had a wretched childhood and has had to face the adult world bearing the burdens of the past and also being constrained by her own limitations, those limitations being none of her fault.

“She has a history of making relationships with men who have their own extensive difficulties and who cannot give her the support and happiness that she needs.”

He added: “I have inquired into the support that will be made available to this mother after this devastating hearing.

“I ask that all those that are involved commit themselves to trying to help her as much as possible.”

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