Ambulance crew went ‘above and beyond’ to reunite elderly couple

An ambulance crew went “above and beyond” to allow an elderly husband an emotional reunion with his wife who suffers from dementia.

The two ambulance workers, based in Ipswich, Suffolk, were taking the 92-year-old man from his home to a hospice when he told them about his wife.

“His only worry? His 90-year-old wife was in another hospice and had dementia, he feared he may never see her again,” the unnamed crew member wrote.

“We both knew what needed to happen!

“We contacted control, who, without question, allowed us to make a detour and reunite the couple for half an hour.

“He was elated. The moment he saw her, he said ‘Ahh, there she is’ to which she replied ‘Well, where ‘av you been then?’

“Thankfully, she immediately recognised him.

“We sat them together and they just held each other and hugged.

“So frail but never stronger in love.

“We and they knew it may be the last time they had together.

“It was very emotional to watch but enormously rewarding.”

The crew member thanked all who helped make the reunion happen, adding: “Jobs like that make it so worthwhile.”

Their act of kindness, which happened last week, was shared online by the East of England Ambulance Service.

An accompanying message said: “A job in a million. This wonderful post from one of our staff demonstrates how one of our crews in Suffolk went above and beyond to reunite a patient with his wife en route to a hospice.”

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